Greg Cook Janelle Donovan Mark Cargill in Cargill’s  LA studio 

Photo collage history of #JanelleDonovan #TonyPerrino #JoeMele #TommyMurphy has

Janelle Donovan Tony Perrino Joe Mele Tommy Murphy Todd Hanhurst performance collage


I found a little seed of a song that I had recorded a cappella a while back with the one line melody and hook I LOVE YOUR FACE. I shared it with Mark Cargill and Greg Cook and they created a beautiful musical bed. Back at home, I sashayed around my home studio to their track and improvised more lyrics and verse melody. Back in Cargill's studio we collaborated on more lyrics and production ideas. This song is the result. I LOVE this song! I hope you do to. Cheryl McDowell-Rook came into  the studio and added her beautiful, luxurious voice for background vocals. The dashing Andrew Carney  added his ever top-notch trumpet. Thank you, guys! I'm very fortunate to have your talents on this album.





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